Charlie’s passion and investment in personal development stemmed from her 15 years of experience within the hospitality industry. Charlie has always had a passion for people and in particular the way in which we like to connect and each have an impact on one another. This naturally lead to Charlie specialising in the training and personal development of employees, management teams and individuals. 

Now as a Transformation Coach, Charlie works with organisations across all industries and individuals from any background to discover how to make sustainable change creating better habits, making better decisions and in turn creating better results.

Charlie’s passion, intuition and energy enables people to thrive both personally and professionally. 

Within organisations, Charlie’s workshops utilise her creative ability to both design and facilitate learning, tailoring the workshop to the specific development areas of the participants. As a Master NLP practitioner, Charlie embeds proven techniques that enhance learning and provide a practical approach to personal and team development. With a strong focus on emotional intelligence and human connection, participants will strengthen their performance in engagement and relationships with internal and external stakeholders. 

In individual one-to-one sessions, Charlie guides your journey with a blend of evidence based techniques that facilitate change from; NLP Coaching, Time Based Techniques and Clinical Hypnosis. Each session is fully attuned to your individual area of focus.


Charlie’s philosophy for transformative change:

DISCOVER - By combining a growth mindset and the fundamental belief that everyone is more than they think they are, we can expand awareness beyond existing limitations and discover the possibility of achieving more. 

EMPOWER - Establishing the reason why we act the way we do, we can then own both our behaviours and our results. If we take responsibility and own our habits and behaviours, we have the power to change them for the better. 

TRANSFORM - By making small meaningful changes, you can transform more than your immediate results. Like a domino effect, each element can impact your bigger picture. 

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